VPN To Stop DDoS attacks

A certain nuisance,that will remain unnamed,has caused all of us to spend much more time online.So yeah, that led to therise of DDoS attacks.And I’m going to raise a question, how to stop DDoS attacks.This is precisely the question I will answer in this article.

What Are DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks are very annoying, and if you are wondering what are DDoS attacks, here’s an explanation.DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service attack,and refers to the cyber attacks which attempt to disrupt the access to target website, server or business operation.You and I both can encounter DDoS attacks when gaming or in daily life.And once they begin,there’s little you can do.A DDoS attack will usually target an individual’s IP address,starting to send a lot of information requests on that IP to the point your connection will shut down.

If you were a big company,you would have accessto a lot of prevention mechanisms against DDoS attacks.

Protect Yourself From DDoS Attacks

how to protect yourself from DDoS attacks without millions in budget? Well, one thing you could do is to follow these few steps,practice cyber hygiene,meaning take care of your privacy and security.Don’t reveal your personal data, including IP address. Attempt to scale your bandwidth, so that smaller scale DDoS attacks won’t be able to completely shut down your connection,but if you wanna get some real DDoS protection, you gotta use a third party app such as a VPN.Now, VPNs are becoming a reliable answer to how to stop DDoS attacks inquiry. Especially since the number of DDoS attacks keep rising as the cost of such attacks constantly gets lowered.VPNs are effective on that front, since they hide the IPaddress of the user,and instead substitute it with an IP address of the VPN server,this will effectively redirect the DDoS attack.

The worst case scenario,you will be forced to change a VPN server,yet your own personal connection will remain untouched by the attackers.One VPN that positions itself,as a DDoS protection VPN for gaming is Octo VPN.This VPN has apps for windows, Mac, and Android.Each with a standard encryption and a custom firewall.Fortunately, you are rather unlikely to use more than one device,since getting more device support is rather expensive. Despite being an anti-DDoS VPN,I find it hard to recommend a VPN with such a low value. It barely offers anything besides the bare minimum security standards.

Despite not focusing on DDoS attacks,I think I know a couple of VPNs that can do better. Surfshark is one of them.Compared to Octo VPN,it has no device limits at all, and there’s quite a bit of additional security Surfshark can provide. It has a kill switch, encryption and some reliable security features, including Clean web.This particular feature detects and removes malicious links and trackers.Chances are this will help you to keep your actual IP address secret. Plus, since you are most likely to use VPN during gaming or streaming, Surfshark is sufficiently fast for this.There are over 3,200 RAM-only servers, and in my speed test, Surfshark was very fast.It’s a good DDoS protection option and it’s much moreaffordable than Octo VPN.You can see the price for yourself. Just based on how much it’s offering,the value for the price is so much better.

Another VPN with DDoSprotection is NordVPN.It has a decade of experience dealing with cybersecurity and to be honest,Nord VPN packs one of the most effective security packages.With RAM-only servers, total encryption and a load of additional features,it’s one of the most secure options you can get.It also has plenty of servers and good speeds in general. However, NordVPN is a bit less affordable than Surfshark,the pricing overall is higher.

It is also limited tosix devices per account,which is better than OctoVPN, but worse than Surfshark.Since DDoS attacks are growing in prevalence,you need a VPN to ensure your safety,especially if you are a competitive online player,or have reasons to suspect you can become a DDoS target,a good security VPN can redirect such an attack from you.

Hope you know, what is DDoS now,and if you have any more questions,you can let me know down below.Thank you for reading

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