Best VPN Extension for Chrome 2023

Look at your Google Chrome browser. It’s where you do all your internet activity.But what if I told you that it’s just one VPN extension from Chrome away from becoming even better?

In this article, I gathered three VPN providerswith the best VPN extension Chrome users can dream of,or at least that’s the plan. Let’s see how they work and compare them to each other.

Okay, I need to warn you that any Chrome VPN extension for PC would be a lightweight version of VPN using less secure encryption protocols and only protecting your browsing traffic.Still, VPN extensions are the easiest way to access streaming content and change your IP address. And since browsers use a leak prone WebRTC protocol,extra protection really comes in handy. Still, if security is your primary concern, I’d recommend using a fullVPN app, not a VPN for Chrome. Now, if you are wondering how to add VPN extensions, then don’t worry, it’s much easier than installing the app.

All you have to do isgo to Chrome Web Storeand look up the extensions you need.One click later,and the best VPN for Chromeis already installed.

This simplicity of the installation continues with the visual appearanceof most Google Chrome VPN extensions.In my opinion, the current three best browser extensions are NordVPN, Surfshark, and PureVPN. NordVPN and PureVPN extensions are simple.You have very basic settings there,intuitive enough to navigate and figure out.And that’s what I expect from the best Chrome VPN extensions.I’ve gotta say though,it’s not obvious in NordVPN’s extension that you need to press search to check the full country list. Keep that in mind.

In comparison to these two,Surfshark’s Chrome VPN extensions for PC is monumentally different.It incorporates a lot of things from their desktop app.This makes this extension the most complicated,but also the most varied in features and possibilities. I don’t know if that’s worth making it so clunky and overbearing at times, but that’s how it is.You win some, you lose them.


Now, if you’re already familiar with the desktop apps for these VPNs,you might notice that they use all the same servers,and that’s good. This means that you get access to full server pools,even in the browser extensions.

To crunch the numbers, here’s how many servers you will be able to use with each VPN.

As you can see, PureVPNhas the most servers,with NordVPN coming in as close second,and Surfshark closing off the top three.

I do have to admit that Surfshark’s server pool is spread amongst most countriesand it’s the only extension to offer specialized multi hop servers.These are designed to be chained together for extra security, if you didn’t know. Extensive server pools for VPNs are essential,especially if your VPN interest lies in streaming. And as long as you get the best VPNs for Chrome 2023,streaming you shall have. With NordVPN, I managed to access Netflix,Disney+, BBC iPlayer,and more with no lags,even in HD quality.But if you are interested in Netflix India or Disney+ Hotstar,NordVPN won’t help you.

Instead, Surfshark does manage to access Indian content reliably,and alongside it, even more Netflix libraries than NordVPN. PureVPN is an acceptable streaming VPN extension for Chrome too.In my experience, the speeds are worse than with Surfshark or NordVPN, which is the fastest one so far.Still, I guess you could still watchNetflix with it reliably

Features You Can Get

Now, let me tell you about features you can getin your VPN extension for Chrome.

Usually, it’s normal for an extensionto be less functional than a full app.Somehow, Surfshark didn’t get the news.Of all the extensions I’ve tested, it has the most features. Even the most defining Surfshark features,such as CleanWeb and Bypasser, are present.And you want them to be present.CleanWeb won’t let your browsing be disturbed by ads or trackers,and Bypasser lets you choose which websites to load with a VPN.But above everything else,Surfshark even includes part of its antivirus package in the extensions.Though if you want a full antivirus capability,you would still need the full app.

NordVPN too, has threatprotection lite enabled,getting rid of ads,trackers, and even malware.Pretty useful in the long run,even if it’s less effective than the standalone app version.Similar to Surfshark’s bypass list,NordVPN offers split tunneling.

PureVPN too, has a similarfeature called Bypass Proxy.To add up, PureVPN offers GPS spoofing too,but to be completely honest,it’s hard to find uses for it.And of course, all three have measures to block WebRTC leaks. In the PureVPN’s extension,you can also choose to turn it off to increase performance and have better loading speeds.Still, Surfshark and PureVPN both lag a bit and can take while to load up. NordVPN, on the other hand,is much better optimized.


It’s also weird that despite being quite functional,these VPN extensions can come very cheap.For instance, Surfsharkhas no device limitations and it’s still that affordable.

PureVPN is less so, withonly 10 device limits,which doesn’t really feel like such a good deal,seeing how it has fewer features than the competitors. NordVPN, while only having a device limit of six,remains of pretty good value thanks to the abundance of features.It definitely has the best security and privacy,so the higher price is justified,

There are free VPN extensions for Chrome options as well,and the Chrome Web Storewill recommend you Hola VPNas soon as you look for a VPN ,just like a lot of freeVPNs, is not safe to use.They will collect and share your data with third parties for profit, unlike the premium providers with well-defined no-logs policies.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Let me know what your thoughts are on using VPN for Chrome browser, Thanks for Reading

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