5 Huge Mistake New Facebook Advertisers Make

1. They approach Facebook ads so casually.

I was talking to a friend who just wrapped up a launch for their online course and we were just going over their marketing strategy talking about what worked and what did n’t and what they would look at doing differently next time one of the things they casually mentioned was that they tried some Facebook ads for this launch but they didn’t work and they ended up turning them off before the launch even ended and now my first thought was dude you should have talked to me we could have figured out a strategy and I could have helped you work out these ads but then I started thinking about why they didn’t work and we chatted briefly about that and what I’ve realized is he fell into the same pattern or trap that so many online course creators coaches consultants and digital product owners fall into particularly when they do a launch and that is they treat Facebook ads a little bit like an after thought or in other words they dabble in Facebook ads.

They plan this whole big elaborate launch strategy and yet they approach ads so casually like a kind of tack on at the end where they’re investing money and expecting a positive return on that ad spend and when talking about smart business people here yet they approach ads without a strategy and with minimal effort but the reason this is a mistake is because like anything in business you get back what you put in and if you want Facebook ads to really work you do need to invest time and energy and not just money to make it happen there was a time we’re talking five to ten years ago now when you could run some simple Facebook ads as part of a launch and make a really good return but now it’s much more difficult it’s much more competitive and so if you don’t build ads into your strategy as a core piece and devote the time energy and attention that’s needed to make your Facebook ads work then it really is just going to be a money sync or in other words an expense that you factor into the launch and the same applies outside of launches like if you’re running ads to an evergreen funnel or something like that if you apply this casual approach are you really just dabbling then it’s likely not going to work so that’s the first mistake but let’s talk about a few others now that I really often see as reasons for why people run Facebook ads but they don’t actually work for them.

2. They Approach Facebook ads like amateurs and not professionals.

I mean that in a negative way at all what I mean by this is people come in looking for the latest hack or the latest secret trick to make money with  Facebook ads instead of focusing on honing the craft and becoming good at running ads think about athletes or successful business people or anyone who is really successful in their field they don’t sit around looking for a loop hole or a magic hack to become successful they spend time every single day training and becoming really good at their craft and eventually over time they become the best now I’m not saying you have to become the Michael Jordan of Facebook ads if you want to see any type of success you don’t have to dedicate your entire life to Facebook ads to succeed that’s not what I’m saying at all but you do need to stop this search for some magic setup or some secret strategy that the successful people are using that you just don’t know about yet that’s not the key to success instead what you should be doing is just looking at improving the core skills that you need to acquire in order to be become better at running ads so that’s audience research, it’s copywriting, it’s marketing strategy, it’s creativity , it’s learning how to be creative and actually come up with a great advertising campaign and it’s also conversion rate optimization you need to learn how to bring leads into your business with ads and convert them into customers all of these skills are what make a great Advertiser and if you don’t want to Out source this if you do really want to become good at Facebook ads to use them to grow your business then you should be investing time in acquiring and getting better at each of these skills that’s the secret to winning it’s not finding the latest hack or secret strategy that you don’t know about it’s just becoming better at advertising and I know that sounds super obvious but the truth is a lot of people are actually using it as a form of procrastination by going and looking for oh what’s this person doing what’s their secrets trick that they know that I don’t instead of just sitting down and investing the time in learning those skills that I just mentioned so that’s why I feel like as obvious as it sounds it needs to be said. 

3. Not Testing Enough.

So the next huge mistake I see is not testing enough so many people come to me and they say hey look I ran some Facebook ads they didn’t work and you know I’m not sure why and I say well show me the ads and they say well yep here’s the ad and I’m like add singular not add plural they’re like yeah this is the ad I tried right and that’s a huge mistake.

They put all of this time and effort coming up with an ad. when what they should be doing is putting time and effort coming up with an ad strategy and an ad campaign and that means ads for different purposes as well as testing multiple ads for each purpose so let’s say it’s to a webinar well if you want ads for webinar registrations, you want ads promoting your product when the cart opens, you want ads promoting that urgency when the cart is closing plus a bunch of others but what so many people do is they will run one or just a couple of ads for let’s say the webinar registrations portion of the lead gen portion and that’s it you should be testing lots and lots of different ads I’m talking five to ten different videos five to ten different pieces of copy different headlines the lot the reason for that is the only way you’re going to find out what works is through testing and the chances of you coming up with one ad and that is the best possible ad you can create is so slim it’s not even worth talking about right .

so if you want to succeed with ads you need to make sure you are testing lots and lots of different creative different copy and different targeting that’s the only way to succeed.

4. Not testing intelligently.

The next mistake which is not testing intelligently so there’s testing and and there’s testing in an intelligent way and what I mean by that is testing is just throwing spaghetti at the wall and testing new things without any hypothesis or any strategy behind it so testing like that could be just okay I want to test five new images a week I’m going to create five new different Graphics set them up as ads and just find which one works without actually thinking about well why am I actually testing this particular image or graphic or why am I testing this video what am I trying to do with this.

Another way to put it is what you should be doing is for each thing you test you should have a hypothesis so this is what I’m going to test this is why I’m going to test it and this is what I think the outcome will be and you should be using the data that you have available to come up with that hypothesis and to come up with that new test meaning you should look at your data find out where you think there is a problem or what is causing you know your high lead costs or your high cost per purchase or whatever it is and then you should come up with a test to try and fix that for example let’s say you put 200 New Leads through a sales funnel so you buy 200 New Leads with Facebook ads they go through your complete sales funnel and no one buys well instead of just going okay let’s just test some newimages you need to look at that and say okay we’ve had 200 leads go through what is the hypothesis here and in this case you might say well if we’ve had 200 leads go through in zero conversions then there might be something wrong with the type of person we’re attracting with our ads because none of them are buying we’ve put 200 people through you really should have at least one or two sales from that at this point so maybe the people we’re attracting with the ads aren’t the right people.

so testing a new graphic or a new video ad or may bet weaking the copy a little bit probably isn’t a smart test to run at this point if it’s simply going to attract more of the same Avatar or the same type of person Therefore your hypothesis is that the leads you’re bringing in aren’t the right type of person to buy.

so the the test you can run next is new messaging so changing the messaging to attract a completely different Avatar or different potential customer into your funnel so different type of person clicking your ads opting in and coming into your funnel then your theory or your expected outcome is that those people are going to be more likely to buy and therefore you will fix your conversion problem meaning you will get more sales from the number of leads that you’re bringing in so you can see how in this case you’ve used data to decide on what am I going to test next and you’ve come up with a test that is aiming to fix what you see as a specific problem right now and then you’ve come up with a way to approach that in a logical test and you can build that out and you can run it and see if it works you buy a bunch more leads and you see did more of them buy well if yes then this messaging is better and we can start running more tests around that messaging maybe that’s when you start running new images and copy and headlines and all of that based around the new messaging if it doesn’t work then you start to look at other things maybe it’s it’s not an ad problem maybe it’s a funnel problem maybe it’s something else but you can see how you should be approaching testing in an intelligent way if you really want to succeed with with Facebook ads and it kind of ties back into what I was saying earlier in terms of approaching this like a professional and not like an amateur so this is another way to approach your ads like a professional versus just coming in as an amateur and try and throw things around and seeing and hoping that something sticks.

5. Failing To Really Understand Their Audience.

The next mistake that people make is failing to really understand their audience and this kind of flows on from that example I just gave you so if you don’t really spend the time researching and understanding your target audience and understanding everything about them what is it that they’re struggling with why is it that they’re looking for a solution like what is the ideal outcome that they want from this understanding what’s holding them back meaning what are their objections around purchasing a solution for their problem understanding the way they see the world and what they see as truths at the moment that may not be true and understanding what it’s going to take to get them to the point that they need to be at in order to succeed in whatever it is they want to succeed at and everything else by not understanding the audience and simply going in and going well I’m going to run some ads I’m going to slap together some copy I’m going to send them to a lead magnet and I hope they buy something from me that is a huge problem and this is an investment of time it takes time to research and understand the audience it takes time to craft messaging and to craft a campaign that actually takes your potential customers on a journey from not knowing you to becoming familiar with you becoming a lead trusting you enough to then become a customer you need to really understand that person in depth to then be able to put together a really good Facebook ad campaign like I just mentioned that is actually going to generate Revenue.

where most people go okay I’m going to run some Facebook ads here’s an idea for some copy let’s write it up let’s try a few different variations you know in best case scenario often like I said they just test one or two things versus testing a series and that’s why why things don’t work because at the core at the foundation they don’t understand the audience meaning everything that is created around that add creatives videos copy the entire strategy doesn’t work because at the basis there isn’t that understanding of the audience and that is why ad campaigns often don’t work..

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